Loan for companies to start

Obtaining a loan for a company is not very difficult at the moment – we can decide to take it both in banks and in non-bank companies. We also have a choice of special loans to start, which allow you to get money even from the first day of your business.

The new company has a lot of expenses – they are related to, among others, purchasing the necessary equipment, materials, goods, renting adequate space, advertising. Often, the savings accumulated are not enough to cover them. Then, various institutions come to the rescue, including banks and loan companies.

Although today the loan for start-up companies is not unavailable, we will not find it in every offer. The choice is limited, because it is a risky step for lenders – it is not known whether the new company will cope with debt repayment. As a result, additional restrictions may appear. In connection with them, the question is often asked – is it possible to borrow for companies to start without BIK ?

Who is the loan without BIK for?

Who is the loan without BIK for?

Loans of this type are addressed to clients who have entered the list of debtors in debtors’ databases, for example BIK. Most often this is the result of the lack of timely repayment of debt, for example a loan or a loan. All you need is a month of delay to make the scoring, ie the number of credit points, decrease. With low scoring, we can not count on easy access to banking and extra-banking products. However, not all institutions take this information into account.

In addition to BIK, or Credit Information Bureau, money lending institutions also check clients in other databases. Some of them take all of the following databases into account, others only selected ones.

The most popular debtors database is:

ERIF Economic Information Office

Krajowy Rejestr Długów Economic Information Office

BIG InfoMonitor

BIK Biuro Informacji Kredytowej

Bank Register of Debtors

A loan of this kind is mainly an offer for those who could not count on financial support in banks. Banks strictly approach the issue of customer verification, which is why they carefully check them in the above registers. When the scoring is low, ie our credit history will be negative, it will mean refusal to grant a loan or a loan.

This also applies to non-bank companies – we also come to verify customers responsibly in Aasa Dla Biznesu , which is why one of our requirements to obtain a loan is the lack of debts recorded in BIG databases (InfoMonitor, ERIF or KRD).

Is a loan without BIK for the company safe?

Is a loan without BIK for the company safe?

Everything depends on what offer you want to use. It is worth to carefully x-ray the loan company to be sure that it is trustworthy. Remember, however, that the lack of checking in BIK databases and in other debtors’ databases translates into higher borrowing costs. Therefore, we will pay more than when we would have chosen a loan in which it is required to not set up debtors’ databases.

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