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Online non-bank loans for micro and small businesses

Obtaining a quick loan is not very difficult at the moment – we can also do it in loan companies. They are chosen willingly by micro and small companies in need of quick financial support. When money is needed right away, we can submit the application without leaving the office!

a loan is often the best solution for a company when it requires additional financial support. With a loan, we can easily cover expenses related to the business and develop the company. This option is often used by micro and small companies, which, unlike large ones, are more exposed to problems with loss of financial liquidity.

After loans for micro and small businesses, we can go to the bank, but this is not the only offer. Also, we can opt for non-bank loans, with which we can cover any expenses related to the business – from stocking the store, through paying invoices, and ending with the purchase of equipment.

Non-bank loans for companies – safe and convenient

Often, we can meet with the conviction that non-bank loans are not safe and by taking advantage of such an offer, we can expose ourselves to a great danger. Nothing could be more wrong – at present we have a wide range of secure loan offers for every entrepreneur, also in a worse financial situation. All formalities will be processed then via the Internet – all you need to do is complete the application and proceed with verification, so that the money can be in your account in a short time.

The advantage of non-bank loans is their easy availability. We can get money more easily than at the bank because the conditions are not so restrictive then. Loans are offered to both companies with a longer period of service and from starting their own business. Most often, we do not have to submit any documents – registration, accounting or banking. We only write a statement in which we indicate the income and expenses we achieve.

We will also need creditworthiness to take a non-bank loan. It is determined based on data contained in databases such as BIK and BIG, which collect information on loans and credits taken. When we have had a delay in repayment in the past or we have not paid off our obligations, our story will be negative. Then we can meet with the refusal to grant another loan.

Loans for micro and small companies

Loans for micro and small companies

At Aasa dla Biznesu , we know very well that micro and small companies have their own special needs. That’s why we have prepared for them fast corporate loans that can be obtained via the Internet. These are installment loans , which we can incur up to PLN 10,000 and up to 24 months. Money can be spent on any expense.

To obtain a loan in our company it is necessary to have an ID card and a positive credit history – we check our clients in BIG databases. We do not require any sureties, securities and delivery of company documents. We invite you to check our loan on the website!

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