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The best loan offer for business

The winner of this year’s competition organized by the Loan Magazine information portal in the “Installment loan of the year” category is Aasa Polska. This is a prestigious industry distinction that the brand has received for the second year in a row. In addition, the company was awarded the special prize “Business loan of the year” .

Representatives of Aasa company received awards on 26 January in Wroclaw, during the Loan Magazine Awards. The aim of the ceremony was to highlight products and institutions that have a particular impact on the development of the financial industry, in which the non-banking sector is becoming increasingly important.

Working area

Working area

Aasa is a financial company of the 21st century. We specialize in installment loans granted to clients based on a unique and multi-stage credit assessment process. We deliver our products through an on-line channel as well as through traditional sales channels. We do not provide short-term loans, we care for the development of the market and our client. Aasa Polska, a company with Scandinavian roots on the Polish market, has been operating since 2012.

Business model

Business loan

Reliable credit risk assessment based on traditional parameters used in banks and big data analysis.
A key element of Aasa’s strategy is creditworthiness analysis and close cooperation with the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Aasa offers installment loans only to people who have successfully passed such an analysis. Spreading the loan immediately into installments and credit risk assessment by an independent institution means that the company grants loans only to those clients who have a chance to return the amount borrowed.
The client’s credit assessment process is very selective, the company pays out an average of one loan for 5 loan applications, in other words the conversion of loan applications is at 20%.


Aasa combines the positive features of the banks’ offer with the offer of loan companies – speed, simplicity, transparency, but also security (no subscriptions with a small print). Each client of the Company is subjected to the creditworthiness assessment process, which happens in real time and takes only a few seconds.
Cooperation with reliable institutions: Biuro Informacji Kredytowej and Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej: Erif and Infomonitor .

Investments in development

Investments in development

Aasa Polska obtained financing in the total amount of PLN 250 million for development. Thanks to them, the company could meet the growing interest of customers with its offer. Within 4 years, Aasa obtained funding from such institutions as Bank Zachodni WBK, Credit Value Investments, Mezzanine Management (a private equity investor operating in Poland and in Central Europe), and the Novator Partners and Olimpia Group, which include owners of P4, the fastest growing telecommunications operator in Poland providing their services under the Play brand.
Number of customers: At the moment, the company has over 200,000 customers.

Certificates and distinctions

Aasa Polska has the certificate of the Company Credible Financially issued by BIG InfoMonitor, the Responsible Business Certificate granted by ERIF Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA and the Responsible Lender certificate issued before Loan Magazine. The Aasa loan was granted the titles of “Installment loan of the year” 2015 and 2016 and the title “Business loan of the year” 2016 in the competition organized by Loan Magazine. Aasa Polska is also the winner of the “Laurels of Financial Intermediaries 2016” contest.

High standards of conduct

Aasa also positively passed the verification made by the Ethics Committee at the Conference of Financial Enterprises in Poland in terms of adherence to the Principles of Good Practices in its business practices related to the sale of credit products. Thus, she obtained the KPF Ethical Certificate.

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