The idea for business – a local brewery

When you set up your own business, it is important to choose a business department that is tailored to individual competencies, predispositions or interests. This is the best solution because running such a business will be much easier. At the same time, it is important to choose a business that allows you to generate profits, which also requires looking for market niches or growth-generating markets, which translates into a growing base of customers who can offer services or sell products.

Many people, due to the growing interest of consumers in high-quality beer, are thinking about starting and running a local business. Niche beers are increasingly chosen by customers due to the original taste or high quality of production. Local breweries allow to provide flavors that are not available as part of the mass production of beer by large breweries. In addition, the quality of production of niche breweries is much higher, among others due to the possibility of greater care for the process of beer production in small breweries.

Brewery market

Brewery market

On the brewing market, the largest sales are generated by large breweries operating within international business networks. Many such networks include not only companies from the brewing market, but also enterprises from other product markets. Large international companies have breweries producing the most popular beers in the world or in individual countries. However, more and more customers in Poland, among others, are looking for new products on the beer market. This is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs who want to run their own local brewery.

Small breweries on the market can be divided, among others, into restaurant breweries, i.e. those that operate directly at the gastronomic premises. Such breweries produce beer only for distribution in a restaurant or hotel facility where the restaurant operates. Small loyal breweries are companies that deal with the distribution of beer on a slightly wider scale than restaurant breweries. Such enterprises produce small quantities of beer, which do not exceed several hundred hectoliters annually. These breweries offer their products to selected store chains or sell beer to stores operating in the selected region.

Running a brewery and excise duty


When establishing a local brewery, it must be taken into account that it is excise goods. For this reason, opening a local brewery requires obtaining a permit that allows you to set up a tax warehouse. Obtaining such a permit requires meeting certain conditions. This applies, among other things, to the activity consisting in the production, storage of excise goods, and payment of tax on goods and services. At the same time, a person running a local brewery can not be sentenced by a final court judgment due to offenses against, inter alia, business turnover, property. It is also necessary to submit excise security and to designate a place for the tax warehouse, which will be located in the place where you are the owner.

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